Free Amazon Prime for 1 year for students!

While this isn’t meant to be a deal blog, this one is too great to pass up, especially given that this is likely to be interesting to a lot of my readers. Amazon is giving away a free one-year membership to Amazon Prime for students – in other words, free two-day shipping on purchases. I’ve never used Amazon Prime before, but I’ve gotten some rave reviews about it, and I’ve had some problems with long waits for my super saver shipping.

To sign up for this free membership, simply follow this link: You will need to provide a .edu email address and some basic information about your enrollment. One caveat: Amazon can request proof of enrollment in classes at the University (and reserves the right to charge you for your use of the program if you can’t provide it). So if you have a .edu email address but will not be enrolled in classes anytime soon, apply at your own risk!

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